Friday, June 18, 2010

Internal Colour selections

Internally we wanted to stick with a charcoal and white theme, but I also wanted something really "fresh".  I've lost count of how many sample pots I've bought, but I'm sure Tom will count them all up!

Flow colour - Dulux Vivid White

Feature wall colour - Dulux Kelly's Flower (but we reserve the right to change our mind again).  This is going on the inclined walls in the dining and lounge rooms and also in the wall niche at the top of the stairs, but will be in a Rockcote finish in the niche.

Skirting and kick boards - Powder coated aluminium in Precious Silver Pearl

Kitchen cupboards - Laminex Charcoal

Kitchen benchtop - Staron Aspen Dew.

Internal Blockwork walls - Dulux Baltica in Rockcote finish.  This will go onto the blockwork walls in the family/dining rooms and also one side of the stairwell.  The other side of the stairwell will be in the "natural" render that we are using externally.  The "natural" will also wrap around this wall into our bedroom.

The floor in most of the house is the polished concrete of course.  We are still to choose the tiles and carpets for other areas, but we're looking at a charcoal colour.

Laundry bench top - Laminex Ash Dust.  We're using this downstairs in the kitchenette and in the computer nook too.  Cupboards will be charcoal again.

As mentioned, window frames are Precious Silver Pearl.  We wanted the internal exposed metal beams to blend in rather than being a feature, so we've used Dulux Acrathane Sparkling Aluminium and tinted it to get as close as possible to the Precious silver pearl.  The guys at the Dulux trade centre were a great help and we're really happy with the result.

Now I just have to choose carpets and tiles...and then I think I'm done...I hope!

External Colours.

I thought it might be time to post our finalised colour selections...

All external metal work - Colorbond Monument

External cladding - Porters Liquid Iron and Instant Rust

External Block work - "Natural" render

Rear walls and around bbq - Rockcote "Sandcote" finish in double strength Dune

Roof, gutters and fascia - Colorbond Dune

Window frames - Dulux Precious Silver Pearl powdercoated

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slowly getting plastered!!!

Time for another update...

As the title suggests, the house is getting plastered at the moment...up stairs is sheeted and almost all stopped up.  Down stairs hasn't been started as we are still waiting on windows...that would be about 2-3 months now (I've lost track!) that we've been waiting for windows.  So the plastering that was meant to be finished by tomorrow, won't be, and our handover date will be pushed back even further.

Anyway, lots of piccies...

Kitchen, with recess for fridge on right

Inclined feature wall of pantry.  The plaster box in the fore ground is a "lunch table" constructed by the has a note on top saying "lunch table"

And with an inclined wall comes a weird shaped door!

From family room looking into dining room and kitchen.

Looking into the Lounge room from the hall.

Lounge room from the top of the stairs.

Inclined feature wall in lounge room.

Telephone niche in hallway.

Hallway looking from kitchen

Hallway looking from laundry door.

Minor bedroom, showing BIR and desk space

Oooh and I almost forgot...we've got doors...well some doors, but they're not glazed yet.

And finally our water tank.

If you look really closely, you'll notice that we do actually have high-light windows in the hallway.  Yep, 5 windows out of about 40 is a start.  These windows sat in the garage for 10 days as when they were delivered, the glaziers showed up with only 2 people to lift a 5m long double glazed unit...hmmmm, I don't think so!  AE was meeting with the glass company today...I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at that meeting.