Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bricking, July and August

Construction of the back walls of the house begins...
New footing for another retaining wall. this one is for the carport and fire truck turning circle.

Upper wall water proofed.

More bricking on the ground floor walls and the beginnings of a doorway (on the right). Doorway is from garage to entry hall.

Maddie wanted to take a photo of Tom and me!

We have a fuse box!!
Full height walls...I think?

Walls filled with concrete.

Evidence of furry friends visiting...lucky it's not in the slab.

First of the footings for the inclined columns.

Plumbing for ground floor!

Behind the upper walls needed to be back filled with crushed rock, but because the site is sooo steep the builders weren't about to push wheelbarrows full of rock up the slope....So we got a crane for a few days...$$$ :(

Our first power point!

Yet more footings...this time for the western deck and side entrance.

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