Saturday, October 10, 2009

Slab Insulation

Well the insulation arrived sometime last week and builders got to spend a bit of time out of the wet weather and in the workshop cutting up the insulation. Tom spoke to AE who said that we need about 2 weeks fine weather so they can do the slab as apparently the insulation can absorb water and the if the slab gets water on it, it can lead to some discolouration. The BOM have predicted 20+ days of rain for October, so we figured that we'll never get a slab.

So we were quite surprised when we went up to the house at the beginning of the week to find that they had started installing the insulation. They finished it Thursday, and you can see the sort of weather they had to work through. Not only was it wet, but for most of the day they would have been lucky if it got to double figures!!! I'm amazed at the weather these guys will work in. And as much as the weather is frustrating for least we don't have to work out in it.

Not sure what the time frame for the slab is from here...but between the weather and waiting for the concretor to fit us in...well I won't hold my breath.

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