Friday, March 12, 2010

Polished Concrete!!!!!!

Yay!!!! The polished concrete is finally done...well almost :). How many times have I said that??? Seems like everything is almost finished. Upstairs is done for the time being and the concrete polisher will be back in a week or so to finish off downstairs. The final finish will be almost as shiny as the areas that are wet in the photos. So now for the piccies!!!

A bit of "crazing" in this area. Not sure what has caused this, but as we have been warned numerous times, they cannot guarantee a perfect finish, but we will if anything can be done about this. It most probably won't even be noticeable, but we were examining it pretty closely.

Now I feel like I can get on with my colour choices. If I have time over the weekend I'll be up at the house with all my paint chips and laminate samples!!! Yay!!!

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