Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slowly getting plastered!!!

Time for another update...

As the title suggests, the house is getting plastered at the moment...up stairs is sheeted and almost all stopped up.  Down stairs hasn't been started as we are still waiting on windows...that would be about 2-3 months now (I've lost track!) that we've been waiting for windows.  So the plastering that was meant to be finished by tomorrow, won't be, and our handover date will be pushed back even further.

Anyway, lots of piccies...

Kitchen, with recess for fridge on right

Inclined feature wall of pantry.  The plaster box in the fore ground is a "lunch table" constructed by the has a note on top saying "lunch table"

And with an inclined wall comes a weird shaped door!

From family room looking into dining room and kitchen.

Looking into the Lounge room from the hall.

Lounge room from the top of the stairs.

Inclined feature wall in lounge room.

Telephone niche in hallway.

Hallway looking from kitchen

Hallway looking from laundry door.

Minor bedroom, showing BIR and desk space

Oooh and I almost forgot...we've got doors...well some doors, but they're not glazed yet.

And finally our water tank.

If you look really closely, you'll notice that we do actually have high-light windows in the hallway.  Yep, 5 windows out of about 40 is a start.  These windows sat in the garage for 10 days as when they were delivered, the glaziers showed up with only 2 people to lift a 5m long double glazed unit...hmmmm, I don't think so!  AE was meeting with the glass company today...I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at that meeting.


Unknown said...

I wish things happened quicker for you, purely selfish reasons I love watching your house take shape and I just want to see stuff happen more often on your home.....Its a home worthy of Grand Designs...I love it...Love the incline walls...Just so cool. Can't wait to see the next round of pics.

Michelle said...

Thanks Elements. I wish things happened a bit quicker too, lol. I'm definitely learning to be a more patient person.

Carolyn said...

Your house looks absolutely gorgeous, you have sensational views. I live in the city and just starting to look for a block to build on.
Could you please tell me, where are your windows from?

Michelle said...

Hi Carolyn, Our windows are being supplied by Glass Supplies...but there is no way in the world that I would recommend them...We are still waiting on windows. It's been about 4 months since they measured up (if not longer) and 3 months since they installed the first frames. I can't express our disappointment with how long this part of the build is taking. We have maybe half our windows in now...but what is frustrating is the not knowing how long it will be until they install the rest of them. We've been told that once the windows are on site they will only take a few days to install...but we have no idea when they will actually get the windows on site. Our builder is doing what he can...but he can't majic windows out of thin air.
Sorry for the rant...but it is very frustrating. Good luck with your search for a block.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.......this is going to be one amazing home. Keep the posts & piccies coming!

jodie said...

I love the angles of the posts on your deck. It's almost as though the posts are hugging the house into the landscape.