Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The subdivision

Jump forward to August 2007 and we finally get council approval for our subdivision, almost 2 years after we put in the original application!! Yay!!

We've subdivided off three additional blocks, leaving ourselves the balance (about 3.7 hectares) on which to build our "dream home".

Looking towards Lot 1 from the road

And towards the building envelope of Lot 2.
Tyre swing included!!

And towards the building envelope of Lot 3

View across the valley from near Lots 2 and 3.

And don't forget those views of the mountain from our first post!!

Still a lot to do though before we get titles.

  • Final plan of survey - completed

  • Blocks and building envelopes pegged out - done

  • Geotechnical report - done

  • Visual impact report - done

  • Bushfire hazard management plan - needs to be updated

  • Vegetation management plan - have seen draft

  • Forest practices plan - don't need one (hopefully)

  • Engineer's drawings for driveway and services - pending!!! must send him an email to get a progress report!
Hopefully, if things go to plan we will be able to put the blocks on the market this spring. We are planning to sell the blocks ourselves - that should be interesting...

Soooo.... if you want a lovely block of land in Hobart, sized to suit all needs, north facing, with great views of the mountain and only 4 km from the city this space!!

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