Friday, March 20, 2009

The Finished Subdivision

Well, how slack have I been!! But given that every one's favourite home building forum is down for the weekend, I thought I'd make the most of it and update our blog.

So the subdivision was finally finished at the beginning of February...3rd of Feb to be exact...that's when we had the Practical Completion Inspection, and that's when we were told that it would take them about 4 weeks to seal the plans and get them to the titles office. Oh gee, guess what...6+ weeks and the plans are still with council. We'll be lucky to get the titles through to the Titles office by the beginning of April, where it is meant to take another 4 weeks. We have to have Titles issued by 20th May or else the sales of the blocks fall through...:(

Soooo, some pics of the completed subdivision...

Our Site Cut

Retaining wall for our block.

And from another angle. Originally the wall was only meant to be 1m high...It's now 3m high. Hmmm, a slight miscalculation by the engineer???

And the finished driveway, with open rock drain along side, in which we now have a lovely assortment of weeds growing. Should be fun weeding that...not!

Our view now. Tom and I walk up the driveway just to take in the view and re-energise. It's our way of making ourselves realise that it will be all worth while in the end...whenever that may be!

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