Friday, March 20, 2009

Will we ever build???

Sometimes I wonder if it will ever happen...I'm sure a lot of people feel like this, but we will get there eventually...won't we??

We have chosen the builder, and we are really happy with him so far. Great communication and very professional. We are yet to sign the contract though, as we are waiting on the titles to be issued so we can get some money!!! For some reason the builder doesn't want to start until he can see that we can actually pay him...picky, picky, picky...huh?

For some reason it hadn't actually occurred to us that we don't actually have any money at the moment. We were so focused on getting the subdivision finished, we hadn't really thought this next step through. So now we sit and wait until the blocks settle. I think I've said it before...I HATE WAITING!!!

The builder has some great ideas and is happy for us to do somethings ourselves to save money. So at this stage, we are looking at doing the painting and few other things, so we can still afford to have our polished concrete and a few other little luxuries.

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