Saturday, January 23, 2010

Slowly taking shape

We were quite surprised to see the builders working today (Saturday), but I think they will most probably take Monday off to make a long weekend out of Australia Day.

Anyway it's good to see it taking shape. I had another "How did we not notice this?" moment, when I saw the external wall frame. It's another inclined wall, which explains why the designer put the washing machine where he did in the original plan, and which means I can't have it where I decided I wanted big deal. But the front corner is my WIR and now I have no idea how they'll put shelving and drawers on an inclined wall. All I know is that they will probably charge us twice as much to do it :-(

Looking across the hallway, through to the laundry and then the WIR (there will be a wall between these of course).

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De Novo Concepts said...

Starting to take shape now!!!