Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And more frame...

So they've started the internal frame for the minor bedrooms which are all along the back wall. The frame stick up above the beam as there are highlight windows here. These will be the only windows or the kids' rooms...hope it will be enough!

Bedroom 2 DD1 has dibs on this room.
Bedroom 3 ... for DS1 or DS2

Wall niche at top of stairs.

Bedroom 4 for DD2

And Bedroom 5...again for DS1 or DS2. The smallest looks tiny. When Tom and I went up and saw the size of the rooms after they poured the slab (they had the rooms drawn on the floor) we couldn't believe how small this room was and how we hadn't noticed it before. Oh well, the kids will just have to make use of the rumpus...which is not that big either *insert shrugs shoulders emoticon* We keep telling them that at least they each get their own room, which has to better than sharing like they have to now.

Powder room...will have a small vanity on the left. Bathroom is next to this on the left. AE has suggested putting up some temporary walls in the bathroom so we can muck around with the bath, shower and vanity sizes to see what works best.


Mrs B said...

Hi Michelle
I was amazed to see how far you have progressed and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!
This is one house that I cant wait to see finished, it is indeed going to be spectacular.

Mrs B xx

Michelle said...

Thanks Mrs B. It seems to go in spits and spurts. Sometimes nothing happens for almost a month and then other times things seem to speed along. I'm sure you remember how it is :)

Vundaful said...

Awww it's turning into a house! Starting to get serious now ;D Lets hope they keep the pace up!

Michelle said...

Yes it is, isn't it...and now I can see some roof frame when I look out my back door. Will have to go up and check it out!