Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lower Slab (11th December)

So, once the top slab was poured, things slowed down again, but we finally got some more action in early December. They are actually working on the upper frame at the same time as preparing the slab for downstairs, so it's good to have a few things happening at once.

Reo in the entrance hall (1st December). The pipes you can see are for the downstairs bathroom.

And now we have the the entrance

the rumpus,
and the garage.
We've decided to go with polished concrete for all of downstairs as well (except the garage) including the bathroom and shower. We can always put a rug down in the rumpus if the kids need it. We've also decided to change the wall between the rumpus and utility room into bi-fold doors, so that we can open that whole space up if we need to for kids parties and the like. We'll use translucent glass so the utility room still gets some natural light.

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