Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Timber Deck started

As well as the concrete deck on the western side (which is more of a private deck) we are having a timber deck on the eastern side off the living areas for entertaining. The joists for this have been done. They are not going to put in any more joists in the bottom corner of the deck as this is where we want to build our bbq and wood fired pizza oven. The plan is to use the existing footing, build the walls for the oven and put some concrete sheeting down in the front and then tile it to form a hearth. Very sketchy plans at the moment, but AE is very accommodating.

The joists from the under side...showing the quality of the workmanship. When we see the attention to detail like this we understand why things that seem simple that a bit longer than we expect.

And our water view. After completing the joists they put down some temporary wood sheeting and so we finally got to see what our view is like from the deck. It's not so much a water view as a water glimpse, but it's still nice looking out to the Eastern shore. We'll definitely be watching the New Year's fireworks from our deck this year!

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